About My Oregon News

Our Story

My Oregon News is dedicated to delivering interesting and engaging articles about how Oregon state government impacts the lives of Oregonians. The articles are written by state employees and partners, and aim to share insight into state government’s people, successes, and challenges. The overall goal of My Oregon News is to improve communication and understanding of state initiatives to state employees and people who interact with state agencies, including people who serve on state boards and commissions, local government representatives, and businesses interested in working with the state.


Our Mission

Our goal is to transparently share stories of Oregonians working together to help our people and our state thrive. My Oregon News provides information, profiles, and news on how state government supports the people we serve, making state policies and programs more accessible to Oregonians.


Our People

Oregon state government is filled with dedicated people at all stages of their careers who are working to help Oregon reach its full potential. Our stories come from these public servants, and our partners, across the state, to bring new perspectives about state policies and programs.