Revolutionizing Corrections Through OSP’s Resource Team


In a move to enhance correctional operations, the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP) recently hosted a comprehensive Learning event focused on Dynamic Security practices. This event highlighted how these practices have been seamlessly integrated into operational tasks through the development of Resource Teams and the implementation of Contact Officer programs.

Led by Lt. Trimble, Sgt. Ruiz, Cpl. Counes, and OSP’s Resource Team, the three-day training was methodically planned. The first day was filled with discussions, including explanations of definitions, presentations, and heartfelt staff and AIC videos. Day two continued with discussions and a hands-on training event held at the Oregon State Penitentiary Minimum facility. The attendees practiced moving formations and de-escalation drills. On the third day, attendees split into small groups and engaged in real-time activities with mental health adults in custody (AICs) from Special Management Housing. The teams were assigned activities, which involved escorting the AIC from his cell to the designated activity. Some teams played board games, others played basketball, and one team simply walked the Healing Garden and the track.

Cpt. Jantz – Dynamic Security Training

The Learning event highlighted the work of the Resource Team at OSP. The team’s primary focus is to manage AICs’ behavior, facilitate their transition out of isolation, and prevent long-term placements in segregated settings. Their efforts have created a more rehabilitative and supportive environment for AICs.

Recognizing the success at OSP, the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) is looking to replicate these practices at Two Rivers Correctional Institution and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. DOC staff from these facilities were invited to learn from their peers at OSP and to share experiences from their own institutions.

The event also featured insights from Powder River Correctional Facility staff, who shared their success with the Contact Officer program. This program focuses on general population interventions, providing crucial support and engagement to AICs.

Sgt. Crawford – Contact Team Training

Additionally, the Isolation Reduction Team from Snake River Correctional Institution discussed their achievements in reducing the funnel into segregation. This team’s efforts are crucial in addressing AIC needs at various custody levels and ensuring a more humane approach to segregation.

Adding to the event’s success was the participation of correctional staff from Garner Correctional Institution in Connecticut. Their presence and contributions further enriched the discussions, providing a broader perspective on dynamic security practices and their implementation.

The Oregon DOC is proud to support and bring together these dedicated professionals. Oregon’s correctional teams have demonstrated remarkable creativity and dedication in inspiring change within their facilities. By engaging with AICs in general population, minimizing the need for segregation, and transitioning AICs out of isolation while managing their behavior effectively, they have created a safer environment for both staff and adults in custody. This event marks the beginning of what is hoped to be many more collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing correctional practices and improving the lives of everyone involved.

Group Training Session

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