Understanding Wolves – Dispersal


This short video explores the dispersal of gray wolves from Idaho into Oregon and eventually into California.

Follow along as wolves, such as OR7 and OR93, are radio-collared and their GPS location data is mapped and animated to illustrate the immense distances and dynamic nature involved in wolf dispersal.

OR7 Dispersal Track Map

Dispersal is when a wolf permanently leaves its birth pack, with the intention of establishing a new territory and finding a mate to create a new pack or joining an existing pack. While some wolves choose to stay home, those that choose to disperse increase the chance that they will breed in the future.

The information presented in the video is based on data the agency has collected over the years and aims to explain the biology and behavior of wolves in a simple and accurate way. Watch here:

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Adam is the East Region & Conservation Communication Coordinator with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

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