Oregon Department of Energy Wildfire Rebuilding Incentive Extended to 2025


An Oregon Department of Energy incentive program designed to encourage energy efficient rebuilding following the 2020 wildfires has been extended to continue helping communities rebuild.

The $10 million Energy Efficient Wildfire Rebuilding Incentive Program was originally authorized to accept applications through May 2023, but many wildfire survivors are still recovering and trying to rebuild their homes and businesses. In response to the ongoing need, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill this year to extend the program to June 1, 2025.

ODOE provides financial support to help improve energy efficiency to make rebuilt homes and businesses more comfortable and provide long-term energy savings. Incentive amounts range from $3,000 up to $18,000, depending on the structure type and the level of efficiency in rebuilding. Oregonians rebuilding site-built homes can receive $3,000 for rebuilding to current energy code or $6,000 for rebuilding to an above-code standard – those rebuilding who are also considered low- or moderate-income can receive higher rebates of $7,500 or $15,000. Some of the communities lost in the wildfires included manufactured home parks, so Oregonians replacing lost or damaged manufactured homes with energy efficient models can receive $12,500, plus an additional $5,000 for installing a qualifying heat pump system to improve heating and cooling.

Commercial, public, and multifamily structures can receive between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the project and the efficiency level. Affordable multifamily buildings can receive an additional $500 per unit if the affordable housing developer participates in an Oregon Housing and Community Services program.

ODOE’s incentives are available for those who have already rebuilt, are currently rebuilding, or are planning to rebuild a structure that was lost in the wildfires between August 1 and September 30, 2020.

“Rebuilding efforts are still underway for many Oregon communities following the devastating 2020 wildfires,” said ODOE Director Janine Benner. “We’re grateful our agency can continue providing incentives that help Oregonians rebuild more energy-efficient and comfortable homes and businesses.”

The Oregon Department of Energy is once again accepting applications. Program applications and additional information about incentive amounts, timeline, and eligibility are available on the agency’s website.

ODOE’s wildfire recovery program was created by the Oregon Legislature in 2021 to help wildfire survivors rebuild. Other programs are also available to help wildfire survivors, including the Oregon Building Codes Division’s Wildfire Hardening Program and Energy Trust of Oregon’s rebuilding programs. More information and resources are also available at https://wildfire.oregon.gov/.

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