When the Smoke Clears: The Road to Recovery


How the Golden Fire impacted several homeowners and how three Oregon state agencies work together to reduce the impact

Three state agencies have partnered on a video highlighting what happens when wildfire impacts Oregonians. “When the Smoke Clears: The Road to Recovery” features several homeowners who recently lost property to the Golden Fire in Klamath County sharing their emotional stories. State agency representatives also discuss their roles in a wildfire, from fire suppression to immediate response to long-term recovery. The Oregon Department of Forestry, the Oregon Department of Emergency Management and the Oregon Department of Human Services are collectively working together to reduce the impacts of wildfire on individuals, families, and communities and help those who have suffered a loss move forward into recovery and rebuilding.

Learn more by visiting www.wildfire.oregon.gov.

About Author

Chris Crabb is a Public Information Officer at the Oregon Department of Emergency Management, which coordinates and maintains a statewide emergency services system for emergency and disaster communications.

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