Let’s Go Fishing


Go Fish! It’s not just a card game, it is an honored and accessible pastime that all families can benefit from, especially here in Oregon.

Whether you are reeling in a stringer full of fish, just feeding that ever-elusive trophy trout, snagging trees, taking a nap under the shade of a tree with your kid, or holding a worm for the first time…any day fishing is a GOOD DAY!

Snake River Correctional Institution’s staff and AICs were thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary family fishing event, at Bully Creek Reservoir, and it was all worth it! Six AICs, twelve children, and six guardians enjoyed a day fishing, sharing lunch, cool beverages, and most importantly, the memories they created.

The children were so excited to learn that they were going to get to take home donated fishing gear, so they can continue to fish!

Below are a few comments from some of the participants –   

“This is an incredible experience to be out in public with my family again.”

– Adult in custody

“We need to do this more often.”

– Child

“Extend my appreciation to all the staff and volunteers for making this day possible.”

– Guardian

“Thank you for the experience.”

– Adult in custody


– Adult in custody

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