Expression of Gratitude

AIC Galvin Lomboy

The Snake River Correctional Institution’s (SRCI) Resource Team recently participated in a very special dinner with Peer Mentor and Resource Team member, Galvin Lomboy who expressed how the Peer Mentorship has changed his life as an adult in custody (AIC). The dinner was made possible by the SRCI Correctional Rehabilitation team.

During the special event, AIC Lomboy articulated how he could not stop thinking about all the opportunities to better himself, and how he would dial in on the focus of his goals after incarceration and his desire to help others. In short, he expressed his goals to continue the humanitarian path after he has finished his sentence. He talked about his gratitude for all the support, advice, and guidance of the Resource Team. He continued to name each member and how much he has learned from each person in different ways. 

Lomboy took the opportunity to speak specifically to an AIC he mentors about how amazing it is to have a holiday dinner with the team. He mentioned that it was un-real to be given this opportunity while confined, and that they were most likely experiencing something that no other AICs in the country and most likely the entire world had been given the opportunity to experience.

Several days later, an SRCI Resource Team staff member was approached by AIC Lomboy who wanted to express his appreciation to the Resource Team. AIC Lomboy explained his desire to give back and explained that he felt compelled to give a gift to the Resource Team as a thank you for all the positive influence and direction they have added to his life.

Using his own funds, AIC Lomboy bought and paid for the delivery of 150 doughnuts and six boxes of hot chocolate packets to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Western Treasure Valley on behalf of the Snake River Resource Team. He wanted to give this gift to the Resource Team and thought this was the best way he could show his appreciation.

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