Warner Creek Correctional Facility Opens a New Transitional Community Unit


Warner Creek Correctional Facility became the first Oregon Department of Corrections facility to open a Transitional Community Unit

The Transitional Community Unit (TCU) will provide a more normalized environment due to living in a retrofitted housing unit with less of a population than other units for the adults in custody (AIC). Other privileges include are more storage, area rugs in the bunk areas, dividers, and partitions between the bunk areas, vending machines, washers, dryers, and toaster ovens.

This unit offers its own kitchen which includes sinks, towels, small appliances, and the privilege to purchase other foods. Having their own kitchen will allow the AIC to learn to cook and feed themselves. Cooking and feeding are basic life skills, paramount upon their release, not only for them, but their family as well.

Great weather added to the day of celebration which was shared by staff at Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF) and across the state, Lake County community members, and all the adults in custody housed in TCU. A BBQ and great music added to a picture-perfect setting as the benefits of the TCU function were shared for the AICs transformation.

The benefits of this unit are to help prepare the AICs for a transition back into the community.

Plans are under consideration to afford more opportunities for the TCU. WCCF will be excited to share the next stage of this project, in addition to the many other proposals in store for the AICs as they come about.

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