Electric Vehicle Charging & Parking Improvement Project


DAS recently awarded a contract for the large task of installing electric vehicle charging stations in multiple state parking facilities as well as completing deferred maintenance and improvements to several locations.  

Completion of this large improvement effort will cause varying levels of disruption, temporary closures and movement of assigned parking in affected facilities.  

Installing the 208 Volt, Level 2 EV charging stations will be a first phase in building the infrastructure needed for supporting state-owned Zero Emission Vehicles and providing employee-only access charging along with limited public access. This project, and others like it across state government, are part of the long-range efforts needed to meet statewide transportation electrification goals set out in Executive Orders 17-21, 20-04, and the accompanying legislation in ORS 283.337.    

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Bryanna is a Public Records Manager for the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

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