Celebrating 50 years of the Clean Water Act in Oregon


Fifty years ago, Congress passed the Clean Water Act – a monumental and far-sighted piece of environmental legislation that acknowledged increased public concern for the health of local waterways, and provided states with regulatory tools to protect their rivers, lakes, coasts and drinking water. In Oregon, we see the ongoing impacts of this law throughout the state, whether it is swimmers and boaters once again enjoying the Willamette River as it flows through Portland, fly-fishers catching healthy Rainbow trout on the Metolius River or campers reflecting on the pristine waters of Waldo Lake. Let’s celebrate a half-century of cleaner water!

Photo credit: DEQ

Of the many things important to people in Oregon, a major one is water. DEQ plays a major role in protecting water quality of lakes, rivers and streams to ensure they can support aquatic plants and animals. Listen to the episode 14 of DEQ’s GreenState podcast to hear more from DEQ’s Water Quality Administrator Jennifer Wigal about the state of Oregon’s water as well as the staff working on improving it.

Photo Credit: DEQ

The voices in the episode are:

  • Jennifer Wigal, water quality administrator.
  • Lesley Merrick, water quality assessment program lead.
  • Andrea Matzke, lower Willamette Basin coordinator.
  • Ryan Michie, water quality analyst.

Listen to the podcast on: SoundCloudApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Jennifer is a Public Affairs Specialist for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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