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Passengers who have been in the PDX airport recently might have noticed some improvements to their travel experience. Construction is happening right now to make PDX more energy efficient, flexible, and open.

PDX airport canopy from the outside at departure and arrival area. Image from Travel Oregon.

Say goodbye to Clockwork Plaza

The first step in the new PDX process was closing the Clocktower Plaza, aka the shops and restaurants pre-security. Clockwork Plaza will now be replaced with a more open and brighter space filled with local shops and restaurants.

Brand new roof

The next step for the airport was preparing for the new mass timber roof. Mass timber is a new sustainable form of construction that takes lower-value wood fiber and presses it into panels. Construction teams had to start demolition on the old roof while the airport was still being used. The new roof will be more resilient and built from sustainable Pacific Northwest timber. While preparing for the new roof, travelers will have a different route to get to their gate. The new roof will be ready in 2024.

Concourse B

In 2019, concourse A was demolished in order to make space for the new concourse B. Concourse B is now open  and is a bright and airy space with large windows where travelers can see airplanes take off. Concourse B is lucky to be the space for art installations from Ryan Feddersen, who is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville. Feddersen specializes in interactive installments that encourage audience engagement.

Follow this link to PDX NEXT to see an interview with Ryan Feddersen and examples of her art.

Transit Hub

Construction on upgrades to ground transportation around the airport is also currently happening. Construction teams are working hard to make Airport Way less congested and create more ADA-accessible parking spots. Travelers can now easily find their rideshare drivers at ground transportation. Travelers will no longer have to take a shuttle to pick up their rental cars and instead can pick up their cars at the airport. There will also be upgrades to the experience of travelers who use public transportation and cycle to the airport.

There are two things travelers should be aware of when going to the PDX airport:

  1. Construction may be loud
  • Travelers can find earplugs when entering the airport before going through TSA, for those that are sensitive to loud sounds. Travelers with sensory needs can stop by the Travel Oregon Welcome Center in baggage claim for a free sensory kit.
  1. There are two sides to security 
  • Travelers need to make sure they are going through the security that matches their boarding pass so they do not have to go through security twice. 

Construction on PDX will finish in 2025. In the meantime, small changes are happening every day. In fact, passengers might depart from PDX and arrive a week later to see some additions to make their experience more enjoyable. Stay updated to see how the new PDX airport will encapsulate the spirit of Portland. You can read updates on PDX NEXT.  

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