Oregon DEQ Launches New Environmental Podcast


GreenState’s first three episode-series explores the past, present and future of air quality and wildfire smoke.

The effects of Wildfires across our state over the past decade become more apparent as wildfire season intensifies, as several large fires contribute to hazardous air quality.

The recent Bootleg fire, among others, and last year’s Labor Day fires have set records in the amount of damage done and showed us the apocalyptic nature of climate change. As we come near to the anniversary of the 2020 Labor Day fires, where the thick smoke blanketed over the state turning the sky grim and red, it’s more important than ever to prepare and know what to expect in the future. 

Where There’s Smoke? Three-part series on wildfires and air quality

There’s no doubt that unprecedented ice storms, record heat, intense drought, and climate change events are becoming more prevalent, though it made apparent that many Oregonians were left unprepared. As we deal with another smokey summer, air pollution is growing and affecting many Oregonians. 

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) launched a podcast in August called GreenState, creating a new information pathway for the agency and the public. 

“This is one more way we are reaching the public with some excellent and useful information,” said DEQ Communications Manager Harry Esteve. “Podcasts are becoming one of the most popular ways to learn more about the world, and we are happy to contribute.” 

GreenState kicks off with a three-part series about air quality and wildfire smoke in Oregon. In the “Where There’s Smoke” series, GreenState looks at the past, present, and future of air quality and wildfire smoke in light of recent smoky summers throughout the state. The GreenState podcast will address issues that are critical for Oregonian’s wellbeing and the quality of Oregon’s air, land, and water.

The first two episodes are available through SoundCloud and most anywhere you get your podcasts, and the third episode will be available in mid-September. 

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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's mission is to be a leader in restoring, maintaining and enhancing the quality of Oregon's air, land and water.

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