Clackamas CC, ODOT partner to make safer connections


A Connect Oregon grant helped the college build a new transit center

When it’s time to go back to campus in person, Clackamas Community College students and staff might not recognize some of the approaches to the 55-year-old facility – especially if they’re riding the bus. A new CCC Transit Center finished up just as COVID-19 kicked in, so few have gotten to experience the surrounding improved sidewalks, the new, accessible pedestrian crossings, the safe bus entries and exits, and other updates to the college’s transportation hub– thanks in part to a Connect Oregon grant.

“The transition in transit services that Connect Oregon has help fund on the Clackamas Community College campus is simply amazing in so many ways,” said Bob Cochran, P.E., and Dean of Campus Services. “To fully understand the change, one must think back to our previous facility – a.k.a. ‘The Bus Turn Around.’”

Before, Cochran explained, between 5 – 8 buses would arrive on campus and in a very small space – picture a cul-de-sac – drop off riders, holdover, pick up riders and then leave, causing backups and creating dangerous situations. 

New improvements make the area safer and more accessible.

“Buses trying to leave would jockey for position, often driving over the landscape or scraping themselves on bollards. It was at times very chaotic,” Cochran said.

With help from Connect Oregon, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s multimodal funding program that first began in 2005, a team designed and built two two-lane-bus-drives; one is reserved for TriMet and the other for CCC’s own shuttle and smaller buses.

“The configuration is simple and safe for riders and drivers,” said Cochran. “Buses exiting the facility can easily and safely pass buses holding over or picking up passengers.”

The entire area is well marked with new lighting and offers plenty of shelters and information signage, along with clear lines of sight for drivers and passengers. Improving safety and offering transportation options are both part of ODOT’s Strategic Action Plan priority, “a modern transportation system.” The staff at CCC certainly appreciate the support.

“The new transit facility has really been one of the jewels for the college with all the other improvements we are doing as part of our capital bond work,” added Cochran. “I thank ODOT and the folks at Connect Oregon for all your help and support to get this new transit facility constructed.”

Enjoy the “after” photos (note: some of the improvements pictured here are a result of other investments).

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