Bus Drivers, Transit Customers Appreciate Donated Masks


Donated masks from American Protec supported transit workers and customers to stay safe by masking up.

Last fall, ODOT’s Public Transit team took advantage of an amazing offer that only one other DOT in the country (New Mexico) took: we accepted a donation of 10,000 masks. Made by American Protec, a company that employs workers with disabilities, the high-quality masks were produced after the company re-tooled its helmet manufacturing company.

The masks arrived early this year and were quickly re-packaged and delivered in February and March to rural transit districts all over the state.

“Thank you for the delivery of some much-needed masks. Our supply had just ran out and these couldn’t have come at a more convenient time!” said Dawn Mitchell from the Sweet Home Senior Center. “With the struggle to maintain any kind of personal protective equipment inventory during these challenging times, this program is a great help.”

In eastern Oregon, the Grant County Transportation District was thrilled to receive the masks.

“Thank you!” said Angie Jones of the People Mover.

Bus driver with masks.
When a driver like this one for Pacific Bus Lines has a rider that needs a mask, he now has a stack of donated ones ready to use.

Pacific Crest Bus Lines is the provider for several connecting services between small communities, including Florence to Yachats and Redmond to Chemult. President Tami Black noted the masks are especially helpful when you’re way out on a route somewhere.

“It is a big relief for the drivers to have these masks to hand out when presented with a passenger not wearing a mask. Thank you so much for providing them!”

In Lincoln County, Cynda Bruce said, “Thank you for the supply of face coverings! Although they are now mandatory, we still have riders who are needing them in order to board our buses. Our customers thank you and we thank you!”

ODOT’s Public Transit team is thrilled to be able to share the wealth; it’s one of the many ways we’re helping achieve equity – one of the agency’s three guiding priorities in the Strategic Action Plan – in our work every day.

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