Out-of-State Camper Surcharge Funds State Parks


Oregon Parks and Recreation Department enacts temporary surcharge on out-of-state campers to encourage local recreation and fund Oregon state parks system

STATEWIDE – A new out-of-state camper surcharge begins Aug. 10, 2020, for all new campsite reservations and first-come, first-serve camping. The change does not affect existing reservations or out-of-state visitors currently camping in a state park. The surcharge will encourage local recreation and provide funding to operate the Oregon State Park system. The surcharge doesn’t affect Oregon residents.

The increase will add up to 30% to the nightly cost to camp in a state park for out-of-state campers making new reservations or arriving without a reservation. Walk-in camping is not available at coastal parks.

Examples (including lodging tax):

  • The average cost for a full-service RV site is currently $33 a night. Starting Aug.10, the cost increases to an average of $42 for nonresidents.
  • The average tent rate is currently $19 a night and will increase to $23 for nonresidents.

See below for a full list of resident and out-of-state rates and a list of frequently asked questions. The surcharge will remain in effect the rest of 2020. A decision about rates for 2021 will be made this fall.

“We love serving all people, no matter where they live,” says Lisa Sumption, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department director. “Even so, this temporary change is needed to remind people to stay as close to home as possible while enjoying the outdoors, and to provide much-needed support for the Oregon state park system, which faces a projected $22 million shortfall between now and June 2021.”

In addition to encouraging recreation close to home, the surcharge could generate up to $500,000 through the end of the year to pay for staff, cleaning supplies, and other park operations.

Aug. 10-Dec. 31, 2020, resident and out-of-state rate ranges
(Includes lodging tax as of Aug. 8. Final rates calculated at checkout.)

 OregonOut-of State
Electric with Cable$34-36$42-43
Full with Cable$36-38$44-46
Boater Camp$5$7
Hiker/biker & bivouac$7-8$9 -10
Horse Campsite$17-58$22-69
Pet Friendly Yurts$56-64$65-80
Deluxe Yurts$82$100
Pet Friendly Deluxe Yurts$92$110
Totem Cabins (Emigrant Springs)$26$34
Rustic Cabins$43-52$55-68
Pet Friendly Rustic Cabins$53-62$65-78
Deluxe Cabins$89-98$110-113
Pet Friendly Deluxe Cabins$99-108$120-123
Group Tent Camp$71-78$91-100
Group Tent Rate per Person after 25$3$3
Group RV Camp$102-110$122-131
Group RV Rate per RV Unit after 10$10-11$10-11
Boat Slip$10$10
Extra Vehicle$7$7

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you charging non-Oregon residents a surcharge of up to 30%?

In short, we made this decision for both health reasons and to raise revenue.

First, controlling the spread of COVID-19 factors into every operational decision we make. Current guidance from health authorities encourages all of us to stay close to home and minimize non-essential travel, including for recreation. Imposing a surcharge on out-of-state campers is a way of discouraging non-essential travel and minimizing the potential spread across state lines.

Second, we need more revenue, quickly. We lost significant revenue while campgrounds were closed March 23 – June 9. New revenue from the surcharge can help us hire additional workers and offset the costs of extra cleaning.

Why not raise rates for Oregon campers, too?

Because Oregonians bear more costs for their state parks than out-of-state residents. Our revenue almost completely comes from

  • user fees;
  • a portion of net Lottery proceeds, and
  • a portion of RV registration fees. RV registration fees are borne only by Oregonians.

Budget details

How much additional revenue do you expect to bring in?

Somewhere around $500,000 over the implementation period, now through the end of the year.

About Author

Diane Navarrete is a Communications Specialist at Oregon State Parks.

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