Where Can I Get a Cloth Face Mask from an Oregon Business?


Shop local! These Oregon-owned businesses are producing quality cloth face masks that will keep you and your community safe.

STATEWIDE – With the requirement that Oregonians in seven counties wear cloth face masks or coverings while in indoor, public places, many folks around the state are looking to invest in a reusable cloth face mask – or several, to have one in the car, one by the front door, and so on. When Governor Brown shared a photo of her wearing a cloth face mask with the State of Oregon seal, many people asked where they could get a similar one, but this one was handmade for her by the daughter of one of her health advisors. But you can get your own made or designed in Oregon cloth face mask that will support local small businesses and keep you and your community safe. (Or you can DIY with this no-sew tutorial video.)

Here is a list of a few local makers to get you started.


Like Dat Apparel

This is Portland’s #1 locally owned provider of #BlackLivesMatter cloth face masks, shirts, and hats. In their own words: “In our efforts to support programs and citizens who would like to see an end to racial injustices, police brutality and prejudice among its fellow brothers and sisters, we are not currently offering any other branded apparel other than Black Lives Matter. Other products will be offered in the future and Black Lives Matter products will be forever offered on Like Dat Apparel.”


Folly was started by Sarah Bibb, who designs about 40% of what they carry in the store, which now includes cloth face coverings. They produce their products in a facility right in the back of the store… how’s that for local! They also carry many other Portland and West Coast designers.

Their cloth face masks have made it all the way to Washington, D.C., worn by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

Photo courtesy of Senator Jeff Merkley.

Dana Herbert Accessories

Available in regular, large, and kids’ sizes in trendy, chic fabrics from this woman-owned business. Face mask orders ship free.

The New Normal 4 Now

Shalonda Menefee started this company because she figured that wearing these protective masks is our new normal for now, so why not make them work with your outfits. She started by making a matching cloth face mask to go with her headwrap and posted it on Facebook and many of her friends and when neighbors requested them, she was in business.

The New Normal 4 Now masks allows you to express your unique individual style in a time of what seems like uniformity. 

Portland Garment Factory

This zero-waste company has produced over 35,000 masks for the medical community. They sell a fashionable LeMask that can also be worn as a neckerchief or head scarf and has a bendable nose bridge; for every LeMask sold, they will donate a cloth face mask to a local non-profit supporting underserved communities. Their regular masks can also be ordered in packs of 24.

Stubborn Hands – Y’all Collective 

Stubborn Hands is a Portland, Oregon team of three that has made over 3,000 masks to aid people during the pandemic and makes affordable, colorful masks.


For 17 years, KEEN has responsibly crafted footwear to help everyone get outside, and connect with each other and the world. Crafted from upcycled materials originally sourced for their shoes, the earloop cloth face masks are made with a four-way stretch fabric for all-day comfort.


This varsity jacket-making business that’s been in Portland for over 25 years now sells two-layer and three-layer masks that are affordable ($5 each). Available in Blazers, Ducks, Beavers prints, and more; they also have preschooler-sized masks to fit kids ages 3-5.

Stark’s Vacuums 

Stark’s Vacuums has multiple retail locations and sells 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks online. They will also be coordinating with partners to make the masks more accessible.

Stark’s Vacuums locations – Curbside service and retail store

  • 107 NE Grand Ave, Portland OR 97232 Phone 503-974-3537
  • 8326 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97216 Phone 503-974-3907
  • 700 SE 160th #105 Vancouver, WA 98683 Phone 360-524-4564
  • 240 NW Division St Gresham OR 97030 Phone 503-974-3468
  • 9454 SE 82nd Ave Suite B Happy Valley, OR 97086 Phone 503-974-3858
  • 62090 Dean Swift Rd Bend, OR 97701
  • 12920 SW Canyon Rd Beaverton, OR 97005 Phone 503-974-3849


Bag and tote retailer Blaqpak has switched some of their capacity over to making high quality reusable cloth face masks. These are made from dual layer cotton with elastic to hold them in place. Tight weave cotton outer layer with soft flannel inner liner. At $10, the masks come in fun colors and patterns for the liners to make them easier to tell apart, and are machine washable.

Note: This link is for adult sizes, but children’s sizes are available.

Need face coverings, masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer?

The Aging and Disability Community Project, coordinated out of the City’s Emergency Coordination Center in response to COVID-19, is acquiring and distributing limited amounts of personal protective equipment (PPE), facial coverings, and cleaning supplies for caregivers of people with disabilities and older adults. 

AgingDisabilitySupplies@portlandoregon.gov (preferred) or 503-823-4000.


Exzacht Sewing

Exzacht Sewing in Ontario is a one-woman operation based in Vale, who can customize your cloth face mask to your personality. Want to rock a pride flag on your face? She can do it. Want ties instead of elastic? You got it.

Mama Bear Quilt Shop

Mama Bear Quilt Shop in Stanfield coordinated a bunch of volunteers to make masks and donate them for health care workers and military members during the PPE shortage. Now they’re selling masks out of their store front.

Big Five — 2212 Island Ave., La Grande

Bi-Mart — 2510 Adams Ave., La Grande

Community Merchants — 1210 Adams Ave., La Grande

Pilot Flying J Travel Station — 63276 Highway 203, La Grande

Red Cross Drugstore — 1123 Adams Ave., La Grande

D&B Supply — 10101 E. First St., Island City

Grocery Outlet — 11301 Island Ave., Island City

All for You Salon & More — 870 Alder St., Elgin


Marley’s Monsters

Marley’s Monsters is a Eugene company that creates reusable products from fabric and wood. They too heard the need for PPE and knew they had to take action.

Marley’s Monsters Mask Cover Project repurposed existing fabric to transform into face mask covers. The covers fit over N95 masks used in healthcare and can make the masks last longer. Healthcare facilities and medical professionals can apply to get free covers. At $12, they’re a little more expensive than other masks on the market, but the their stylish ties are more conducive to washing on high heat than elastic.


A-dec has manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic for critical health-care workers. They have been working to develop a variety of PPE products that front line workers need, so check them out if you’re a healthcare, first responder, dental, long-term care, or child care worker.

Northwest Alpine Gear

Northwest Alpine believes that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone, and thus everyone should have access to a face covering. By purchasing one of their cloth face masks, NW Alpine donates $10 to Soul River, a nonprofit helping to connect inner city youth to U.S. veterans to create the next generation of environmental leaders. All NW Alpine products are sewn in their factory in Salem. 

RP Advanced Mobile Systems

The RPAMS mask is now available to help protect first responders and the exposed public in the battle against COVID-19. The mask not only protects but also incorporates an EPA-certified material that effectively captures and destroys pathogens commonly distributed by cough/sneeze droplets. They were so popular that they are already sold out! So check back later for more.



BioSkin is creates innovative braces designed to prevent injury, reduce pain, and restore mobility. Their fabric face coverings can be used when going out in public. This cloth face mask is NOT N95 and is designed to limit the dispersion of virus-carrying droplets through speech, breathing, coughing, and sneezing. These masks come in packs of two for a slight discount, and have the option for fun patterns – even a pack with cats wearing masks on them!


Cardas Audio 

Cardas Audio has two employees making 100% cotton cloth face masks with Tyvek inserts, which they donate to local healthcare workers and residents of Bandon. They are $20 for a set of two and are ducks/beavers themed for the football lovers in your household.


Meli Wraps

Meli Wraps is a local women-owned Bend company that usually makes reusable Food Wraps made with organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and plant oils. Meli Wraps has added organic cotton face masks to their products to help locally, state wide.

Ginger Dog Beds

Ginger Dog Beds, in the Bend area, is using its equipment to pre-cut fabric and PinPoint Alterations is volunteering tailors to put their skills to use making masks. The masks are not available on their website yet, but contact Ginger Dog Beds for more information.

Black Strap

Black Strap is a Bend-area company already in the face covering business, providing balaclavas, gloves, hats, and goggles for Oregonians who hear the call of the outdoors. They’ve recently added every day cloth face coverings to their fashion line, and they are 100% made in the U.S.A.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

This list is just a jumping off point to begin your search for a face covering that works for you. If you find yourself needing something that’s not provided here, your local health department can direct you to local grass roots agencies that are generally volunteers sewing masks & offering them free or for a small donation. 

Want to make your own?

Travel Oregon has fabulous resource for anyone who wants to got the DIY route. Or check out this how-to video from the U.S. Surgeon General

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Jackson County has partnered with a group of makers — called Covid Skunkworks — as well as Talent Maker City, a community space where hobbyists can utilize specialized tools and equipment.

Get Involved with Mask Making Groups Across the State

Masks for Neighbors

Masks for Neighbors is a group organized by the city of Sublimity that provides cloth face masks to every resident of the city, and even some folks in the surrounding areas. They’ve advertised on Facebook and NextDoor to get fabric and skilled sewers. They have made 15,000 masks so far, even though their town has about 3,000 residents. 

The Central Oregon Emergency Mask Makers 

This home-sewing group organized through Facebook to start making mask covers and has made and donated 8,000 mask covers to the St. Charles Health System. Since we are no longer experiencing a PPE shortage, these Makers have branched out to distribute masks to community members.

Crafters Against COVID-19

Crafters Against COVID-19 PDX is a Portland-area group that’s joining hundreds of similar groups making masks across the country. They’re sewing cloth masks for hospitals and public health officials, which can hopefully supplement supplies of medical-grade masks, preserving the best equipment for the health care workers who need it most. You can find out about making or obtaining your own mask on their Facebook page.

Douglas County Helpers

A Douglas County group of volunteers are helping solve the shortage of masks for medical professionals and even individuals during the coronavirus pandemic.

These masks are free! The group, which includes almost 1,200 volunteers, is called Douglas County Helpers, has been producing thousands of masks each week to help keep their community stocked with plenty of the masks amid high demand during the COVID-19 outbreak in Douglas County. They give out an average of 3,000 masks or more every week, with volunteers making 500 a day.

Klamath Corona Mask Makers

Tonie Kellom of Klamath Falls has recently created the Facebook Group Klamath Corona Mask Makers for people interested in making cloth masks to connect and contact each other. Kellom told Klamath Alerts that the group has about 125 members so far. She also said that several local craft stores have contributed materials to the cause. These masks are also free, so check them out!

Umpqua Sewing Warriors

Umpqua Sewing Warriors was formed by Oregon Serigraphics as a volunteer community and business making masks specifically for the Douglas Public Health Network Distribution to the medical community, first responders, EMT, clinics, cancer/high risk patients, and general population who need them. At this point, PPE is not in such short supply, so these warriors are making masks for community members too.

Mask Makers 

The Mask Makers sew 100% cotton fabric face masks and donate them to various health care facilities throughout the United States for the purpose of helping keep our nurses and first responders healthy and safe. Since we are no longer experiencing a PPE shortage, these Makers have started distributing to their local communities.

Project Linus

Project Linus, which has donated over 17,000 handmade blankets to children over the past 13 years, recently shifted from blankets to making face masks for essential workers. Over the past four weeks, the group has donated more than 4,750 face masks to sites including the Klamath Falls city schools, Klamath’s local fire departments, Sky Lakes Medical Center and Klamath Open Door.

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