Stay at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home


Oregon families make the best of the Stay Home Order

SALEM – Oregon families are adapting to the Stay Home, Save Lives Executive Order to help maintain the state’s success in stemming the spread of COVID-19.

The Stutzman Family of Silverton is one example. Amber and Adam Stutzman and their eight children, ranging in age from 10 to 21, are settling into their new routine.

With 21-year old Jacob living and working in Heppner and 20-year old Haile finishing online classes at Hunting University, six of the Stutzman children are finishing the school year from home.

“We are adapting well,” said mom, Amber Stutzman, who works as a nurse for the Salem-Keizer School District and the Labor and Delivery Department at Salem Hospital. “The kids have virtual classroom meetings once or twice a week and get daily assignments from their teachers.”

Zachary and Cassidy, 18-year old twins and seniors at Silverton High School, are the most impacted. Like most high school seniors across the country, they are missing their final stretch of high school and the lifelong memories of the last big game, graduation, and prom.

“They are sad, but they realize it could be much worse. We try to keep it in perspective,” Stutzman said.

The family is staying focused on the positive changes that the Stay Home Order has created. With the calendar clear of their typical after-school practices, lessons and other appointments, the family is finding time for non-traditional learning.

“We love having extra time to do things as a family,” Stutzman described. “The kids help Adam each afternoon when he gets home on building onto our shop. We are learning to cook new recipes and having family movie nights.”

Families looking for ideas to stay active and engaged can check out Travel Oregon’s Oregon Activities at Home and Oregon Department of Energy’s Activities for Kids. Additional Resources for Parents and Families are available from the Oregon Department of Education.

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Lisa Appel is a Conservation Outcomes Specialist at the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

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