Creative Quarantining: Ideas From Fellow Oregonians


Here are some ideas on ways to entertain yourself like a true Oregonian while social distancing

Staying at home as much as possible to limit the spread of COVID-19 should be every Oregonian’s priority right now. While binge watching your favorite TV show may be fun for a few days, you will likely grow tired of this – and miss your favorite Oregon museums, bands, restaurants, bookstores, and more. Here are some ideas for things to do to entertain yourself, the Oregon way:

  • Take a virtual nature break with Oregon Field Guide.
  • Order food from your favorite local restaurant, and tip extra well because the delivery is free with Grub Hub and Uber Eats! Look up a specific restaurant, or find a list of places still serving to-go in your town.
  • Try a new workout class or app. Lots of gyms have taken their classes online with COVID-19 shutting down in-person locations, or even offering virtual personal training
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood (make sure to keep at least 6 feet apart from fellow walkers)
  • Go to a virtual museum! The Oregon Historical Society has online collections as well.
  • Attend a virtual music festival, hosted by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).
  • Consider fostering or adopting a new pet. Animal shelters that rely on volunteers are struggling, and adding a furry friend to your self-quarantine can be beneficial for both parties! Look at the adorable pups at the Oregon Humane Society.
  • Support local Oregon businesses by looking into pickup services. Everything from bookstores to breweries and wineries are offering these services to keep their businesses open.
  • Check the websites of your favorite grocery stores before you go. Many stores are now offering specific hours for shoppers who may be more vulnerable to the virus, including Fred Meyer, Safeway, New Seasons, and Roth’s, among others.
  • Buy gift certificates for your hairdresser, nail salon artist, or other service that you frequent to ensure they have income while their businesses are closed.
  • Check in on your elderly neighbors or relatives and offer to pick up groceries or other necessities for them if they are unable to leave their house.
  • Sign up for your neighborhood’s group on Facebook or NextDoor. With people unable to leave their houses, groups on social media platforms are stepping up to help those in need by communicating with neighbors and community members about the latest closures and offering help to one another. There are also mutual aid network Facebook pages to connect people who need resources to people or organizations who have them. Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, and help others if you are able.

About Author

Tessa Harvey is a strategic communications intern with the Office of Governor Brown.

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