Governor Brown Encourages Full Participation in 2020 Census


SALEM — Governor Kate Brown’s 2020 Census Team in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion announced the Oregon 2020 Census Website, a platform that will help create awareness about the 2020 Census, and encourage participation.

“Our democracy’s strength relies on representation, and the 2020 Census is integral to making sure that Oregonians receive their fair share of federal resources and congressional representation over the next decade,” said Governor Brown. “From more dollars for our schools and hospitals to ensuring our roads are safe and well kept, the census has a significant impact in the everyday lives of all Oregonians—and I’m committed to working with all partners across Oregon to ensure an accurate and complete count.” 

The Oregon 2020 Census website contains tools and resources to help individuals better understand how the census impacts them and how organizations can encourage participation in their communities.

In addition, Governor Brown collaborated with key partners to prioritize building community capacity for census engagement in Oregon’s hardest to count communities by securing $7.5 million through the biennial budget last legislative session.  

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