Live Wire Radio to Grow Team, Thanks to Cultural Trust


PORTLAND — Live Wire Radio, one of Oregon’s greatest exports, is about to grow even more with help from an Oregon Cultural Trust grant award.

Thanks to Oregonians taking the time to donate to the state’s cultural tax — for which they will be reimbursed by the state of Oregon at tax time — Live Wire Radio is on an exciting quest for their first-ever, full-time experienced Executive Director. This role will help optimize growth for the platform, and bring on a new vision and strategy to support its fundraising efforts. 

“We as a production team are able to feature voices that we are so deeply excited about, and it is really the support of our Oregon community and the Oregon Cultural Trust that has allowed us the freedom and creative flexibility to do that,” said Lauren Masterson, Development & Marketing Director for Live Wire Radio.

Live Wire Radio showcases artists, thinkers, and cultural makers who are shaking things up and pushing the needle in their respective fields. The show is recorded in Portland in front of a live audience of 400 people, and reaches more than 350,000 people every week.

”We have focused in the last couple years on really featuring underrepresented voices on our show, and we’re so proud of that because we’re able to use Live Wire as a platform to share their message and their story,” said Masterson.

Cultural organizations like Live Wire across Oregon will receive more than $2.7 million in funding from the Cultural Trust’s FY2020 grant award.

About Author

Carrie Kikel is the Communications Manager for Oregon’s Arts Department, which includes the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust. The Oregon Arts Commission provides statewide grant funding to artists, arts organizations and arts programs. The Cultural Trust raises public and private awareness and investment in arts, heritage, history, humanities and preservation.

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