Over The River And Through The Woods


We’re prepared for winter, are you?

SALEM — Thanksgiving is the unofficial start for the winter travel season. It’s the time of year when many Oregonians start thinking about preparing for snow, ice, high winds and other things Mother Nature might throw at them. But at the Oregon Department of Transportation, we prepare for winter weather year round.

Even before the last of the snow melts our crews are reviewing lessons learned, adjusting plans for the next season, making repairs to heavy equipment and working on improvements to TripCheck.com, our 24/7 road condition and travel information website.

“Know before you go is our mantra,” says ODOT’s southern Oregon Spokesperson Gary Leaming. “Oregon’s weather can change quickly. Conditions can change dramatically in just a few miles – or even just around the corner.”

“I have three pieces of advice for travelers,” said ODOT’s central Oregon Spokesperson Peter Murphy. “Add Tripcheck.com to your favorites. Check the forecast before you leave and again on your way home. Carry an emergency kit.”

Travel information at your fingertips

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Gary and Peter are right. It’s important to know before you go. ODOT offers travel and road condition information 24 hours a day via TripCheck.com. Get detailed maps with real time road conditions, traffic information, weather information, chain requirements, transit information, 400+ cameras and more on our award-winning website.

Tripcheck insider tips

More ways to stay informed

  • Call 5-1-1 within Oregon to hear road condition reports.
  • Follow Oregon highways on Twitter. Get 24/7 updates on more than 25 popular routes.

Be prepared for anything

Our winter driving web page offers tips on everything from emergency kits to chains to transit options.

video playlist on our Youtube channel includes how-to videos for putting on chains, tips for truckers and more.

“No matter where you’re going and how you’re traveling,” said Gary. “We wish you safe journeys.”

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