State Celebrates Halfway Mark to 50,000 Electric Vehicles on Oregon Roads


SALEM — The State of Oregon is celebrating a significant milestone today, as Oregon has reached 25,000 registered electric vehicles on our roads. This marks the halfway point to the state’s goal of at least 50,000 registered EVs by the end of 2020.

As of August 1, Oregon had 26,218 registered EVs, from plug-in hybrids to all-electric models. The Oregon Department of Transportation reports that of the registered EVs, the most popular rides for Oregonians are the Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model 3, and Chevrolet Volt.

Every Oregon county is helping to drive the change—Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties represent about three-quarters of Oregon’s EV drivers. But less-populated counties are also plugging in. Counties with fewer than 100,000 residents represent more than 3,000 of the state’s registered EVs.

“More Oregonians are choosing electric vehicles, and with 25,000 EVs on Oregon’s roads, we are gaining momentum,” said Janine Benner, Director of the Oregon Department of Energy and happy EV owner. “We look forward to celebrating when we reach 50,000.”

The 50K by 2020 goal was identified by Governor Brown in Executive Order 17-21, signed in November 2017. The executive order detailed a series of responsibilities for state agencies to encourage and support the electrification of Oregon’s transportation system. “Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, and EVs are a critical piece of the long-term solution to meeting our reduction goals,” said Richard Whitman, Director of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

“ODOT has long supported electric vehicles as a way to improve sustainability, and we hope others around the nation will follow suit in promoting innovative approaches to electrifying transportation,” added Paul Mather, Deputy Director of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

With an array of financial incentives and rebates, Oregonians can save big by making the switch to an EV. The Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program offers savings of up to $5,000 for qualifying EVs. Combined with a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 and other local incentives, buyers can save about a third of the cost of some EV models. As of July 25, 2019, DEQ has awarded 2,401 rebates totaling about $5 million.

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Jennifer Kalez is with the Oregon Department of Energy. Susan Mills is with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Tom Fuller is with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

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