Are You Well-trained in Biking and Walking – and Driving – Safely?


Together, we roll. Let’s share the road!

SALEM — ATTENTION drivers! School is out (or close to it!) all over Oregon, and our streets are coming alive with walkers, bicyclists, skaters, skateboarders and more. If you needed an excuse to put down the distraction, you’ve got one: it could save a young person’s life.

For those ready to walk safely, take some tips from Walker the dog in this short video:

  • Use intersections to cross streets.
  • Wait for the signal that says it’s okay to walk.
  • Look left, right, left. Make it a habit, signal or no!
  • Make eye contact with the driver.

On two wheels this summer? Print out one of our handy brochures and:

  • Wear your helmet.
  • Ride with traffic; follow all traffic laws.
  • Watch out for hazards, like car doors opening or broken glass on the road.
  • Make eye contact with drivers.

It takes each one of us – working together – to stay safe when we’re out and about on the transportation system. Make smart choices and have a fun, safe summer. Remember: Together, we roll!

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The Oregon Department of Transportation ​provides a safe and reliable multimodal transportation system that connects people and helps Oregon's communities and economy thrive.

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