Travel Along with Giant “Super Loads,” Powering Oregon’s Economy


SALEM — It takes planning, coordination, good weather and highly skilled drivers – with great night vision – to get today’s windmills where they need to be across the state.

“They’re like a large ship going by…”

One hundred and fifty-three wind turbine parts were transported from the Port of Portland to Arlington, Oregon. Each piece was so large and heavy, it was deemed a “super load.”

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) followed several trucks as they traveled to communities where the behemoths will be put to work, supporting the local economy and providing clean energy.

Each piece measured 245 feet long. The pre-planning work to transport these loads started 2-3 months before they were actually moved because of their size. And because they’re so large, ODOT required that they were moved early in the morning when the risk was lower and they could maneuver safer.

Travel along with these giants as they made their way down I-5 and out I-84.

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