Special Edition Oregon State Police Car Celebrates Pride


SALEM — A special edition, rainbow colored Oregon State Police (OSP) car will soon be roaming the streets. With June marking PRIDE month, the community car was commissioned to commemorate OSP’s support for Oregon’s LGBTQ community.

The car will make its debut at the Pride parade in Portland later this month, traveling across the state in June to connect with Oregonians celebrating PRIDE, and bringing people together to raise awareness about equality for all.

OSP’s workforce includes LGBTQ employees who wanted it known that they are here and working hard to support the agency’s mission. The car will also serve as an opportunity to engage in positive community interactions.

“We recognize challenges remain in the LGBTQ community related to equity and recognition of members’ contributions to society. We also see the importance of continuing to improve and strengthen the relationship between LGBTQ persons and law enforcement, so all citizens know we hold their safety and security as our highest priority,” says the agency.  

If you spot the OSP Pride car, make sure to stop and say hi!

About Author

Captain Tim Fox works in Government and Media Relations with the Oregon State Police.

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