Celebrating Climate Action on Earth Day


Today is Earth Day, when people around the globe take a moment to recognize the importance of a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

It’s something we think about a lot here in Oregon. Our state is famous for its natural beauty and bounty, from our stunning shorelines to our majestic mountains. Oregon’s identity is woven from our lands, and we have a long tradition of conservation with a progressive spirit.

People flock to our beautiful state for more than our majestic mountains and natural beauty — they come to put down roots to build their families and their lives. That’s because we value our environment.

Dozens of students came to the Capitol today to advocate for climate action and celebrate the momentum for bold climate action in Oregon this legislative session. They told me they fear for the future of our earth if we don’t take action and seek change now.

I am listening. Their generation will bear the brunt of the climate crisis if we don’t act quickly. I will continue to fight for legislation that protects the land and waters that make our state so special.

Our cap-and-invest bill, which is the most ambitious climate legislation in the country this year, makes Oregon a national leader in the clean energy economy and climate protection. With cap-and-invest, Oregon can reduce pollution while growing our economy and creating family-wage jobs.

I believe it is our duty, as environmental stewards, to preserve the earth for future generations.

And today, we are proud to work together across our state, our country, and the world to make sure the Oregon of future generations will be just as beautiful as the one we love today.

Happy Earth Day!

About Author

Kate Brown, Oregon’s 38th Governor, has dedicated her life to standing up for Oregon’s families and ensuring every Oregonian has the chance to lead a good life. Under Governor Brown’s leadership, state government is committed to using every taxpayer dollar wisely, to creating a seamless system of education, to making Oregon a leader in meeting the challenge of climate change, and to making sure everyone has access to the health care.

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