Local and State Agencies Help Town of Oakridge through Snowstorm


OAKRIDGE — Thousands of residents in the small town of Oakridge, Oregon went without power last week due to a massive snowstorm.

Community members, state, and local agencies stepped in, working together to get essential supplies to people who live in the impacted area, and to ensure their safety. Volunteers and city employees did well over 100 welfare checks and home deliveries to people in need, city officials said.

Since then, power has been restored.  

“Once we realized the community was really going to be on our own we just started putting out the word: OK, time to check on neighbors, friends and family, see what you can do. And you know, they were already doing that,” Oakridge Mayor Kathy Holston told KGW.

For three days, Oakridge went without power, heat, or safe roadways.

Highway 58, the main roadway leading to and from Oakridge was blocked by debris and fallen trees. The Oregon Department of Transportation updated residents via Twitter, and allowed people limited access westbound to retrieve more supplies. As of last night, highway 58 was cleared of all hazards.

Mayor Holston says the city is grateful for the quick response from their own emergency responders, Lane County Emergency Management, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Department of Energy, Oregon Department of Education, non-profits, churches, and more.

“It’s so nice to see everybody step out – who maybe wouldn’t be helping one another on maybe just general, beautiful days because they’re busy doing their own lives – when they have disaster come together,” said Kathy Holston.

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