New Executive Order Creates the Oregon Wildfire Response Council


MEDFORD — Governor Kate Brown today issued an executive order establishing the Oregon Wildfire Response Council, with a charge to evaluate Oregon’s current system of response to large fires, and determine whether the current model is the best possible way to defend Oregon from the threat of wildfires.

“Oregon’s firefighting approach leads the nation in effectiveness,” said Governor Brown. “However, wildfire dynamics are changing and it is never too soon to evaluate the approach to wildfire education, prevention, and community recovery.”

Governor Brown announced the executive order in Medford, where fire season hits Oregon particularly hard.

“Each season, the Rogue Valley and southwestern Oregon has born the brunt of it. Fire here threatens our communities, smoke compromises our health and our local economy certainly suffers,” said Governor Brown.

The council will issue a report in September 2019 to make recommendations for the future of Oregon’s wildfire response infrastructure.

Check out the Oregon Wildfire Response Councils meeting notes, here.

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