Governor Kate Brown Releases Plan to Improve Oregon’s Transportation System


Highlights include support for high speed rail, electric vehicles, and the reduction of diesel emissions

SALEM—Governor Kate Brown today released her plan to ensure Oregon has an innovative transportation system that helps grow our economy and meet Oregon’s climate goals. Governor Brown’s priorities include: establishing high-speed rail throughout the northwest; making progress towards replacing the Interstate Bridge; and reducing diesel emissions from heavy-duty trucks.

“After passing a historic transportation package in 2017, the transportation system in Oregon is undergoing the biggest technological transformation in a century. We must remain at the cutting edge to help people get to their jobs, get their kids to school, and transport goods to market in a timely and safe manner,” said Governor Brown. “The plan I’ve released maps out how we as a state will do this while meeting the challenge of climate change at the same time.”

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Governor Brown’s plan to achieve her vision details the following goals:

1. Deliver on-time, on-budget implementation of the $5.3 billion
statewide transportation package, including construction and
maintenance of critical roads and bridges, and a major new
statewide transit program.
2. Tackle congestion with multimodal solutions on existing facilities
and strategic additions to capacity.
3. Support broad innovation in the transportation sector.
4. Put 50,000 electric vehicles on Oregon roads by 2020.
5. Maintain a strong Oregon trucking industry while addressing the
health impacts of diesel emissions.
6. Utilize aviation to support rural Oregon and resiliency.
7. Bring high speed rail to the Pacific Northwest.

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