Governor Kate Brown Releases Plan to Prepare Oregon for Massive Earthquake


SALEM—Governor Kate Brown today released a plan to prepare Oregon for the expected Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. An earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone could reach magnitude 9.0 or greater and create a tsunami that will devastate the Oregon coast. Governor Brown’s goal is to prepare all Oregonians to survive and recover from the expected 9.0 magnitude Cascadia earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Governor Brown’s plan to prepare and several other detailed policy plans can be found at .

Highlights of Governor’s Brown plan are:

• Making sure 250,000 vulnerable homes in Oregon have 2-weeks
of supplies by 2021.
• Activating a statewide earthquake early warning system by 2023.
• Make more investments in seismic upgrades of schools and
emergency services buildings throughout Oregon.

READ: Governor Brown’s full plan

“When the next Cascadia subduction zone earthquake strikes the Pacific Northwest, Oregon will face the greatest challenge of our lifetimes. Oregon’s buildings, transportation network, utilities, and population are not as ready as they should be and we must accelerate our preparations,” said Governor Brown. “My priority is to get Oregonians ready to survive while ensuring our state government and economy are able to weather such a devastating event.”

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