• One Heart Transplant Done, What’s Next
    Enrichment Club Donation Recipient Receives Heart Transplant, Club Plans for Future Donations A rare circumstance occurs when adults in custody (AIC) can so positively affect a community. The Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution’s Enrichment Club donation to the Children Oregon Transplant Association was one such rarity
  • Transit agencies providing critical connections in small towns
    COVID relief and payroll tax funds are helping fill gaps, expand service When you live in a small community, for example, Brownsville, you don’t normally have the option of taking public transit. Some might say, “Why would you? It’s a small town.” And it’s true
  • Expanding Child Care Benefits Helps Build Economic Stability for Families
    When Amanda, 24, of Eugene heard about the expansion of the Employment Related Day Care program, a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. Amanda had been working as a certified nurse assistant and wanted to get a degree in nursing to better support her
  • Wondering about your refund? Use the Where’s My Refund Tool
    The Oregon Department of Revenue has begun issuing refunds due to taxpayers who have filed their 2022 tax returns. Through March 17, the department had received and processed 907,428 returns and had issued 650,000 refunds. The agency began processing returns January 23 in the order
  • 1,000 Cranes – A Story of Hope
    An inspiring story from the Oregon State Penitentiary’s (OSP) Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) featuring adults in custody (AIC) Issac Agee and Michael Issac From one quiet, dimly lit, and isolated cell of Oregon’s only Death Row Unit, a little bird was born. This was no